Your creative agency, in the cloud.

99designs Studio combines the creative diversity of our talented global community, experienced in-house strategists and state-of-the-art platform to deliver innovative creative solutions.

State-of-the-art ideation

99designs Studio offers full-service creative delivery powered by strategic, global ideation.
Experienced creative direction
We add a strategic layer to shape your brief, select and assess community ideation and deliver innovative design.
Diverse global talent pool
Say goodbye to the limitations of working with only one design team. Get fresh perspectives and a great result.
A process built for remote design
Leverage the 99designs platform technology, built for remote collaboration, and get full design copyright and fixed pricing to boot.

Our work

Meet the 99d Studio team

Tristan Le Breton
99designs Studio, Melbourne, Australia
Conradin Sonnenberg
99designs Studio, Berlin, Germany
Laura McLeod
99designs Studio, San Francisco, USA

All inclusive creative solutions

Our standard package costs US $4,999 and includes:

  • 5 design concepts presented
  • 2 design concepts fully fleshed out with 2 rounds of amendments each
  • Creative strategy and direction, payments for designers as well as platform usage fee
For most happy 99designs Studio clients, this meets the needs of their creative project.

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Questions? We’ve got answers...

99designs Studio is one of our premium design services, which helps brands to deliver innovative creative solutions in an agile way, to a fixed budget.  With 99designs Studio you’ll have access to full-service ideation and strategic process, as well as a creative director, to help maximize all the benefits of the 99designs platform for your brand. If you need fresh and exciting ideas from an experienced, agile and global team, 99designs Studio is the perfect creative solution. We’ll help you and your team get fantastic results in an innovative way. 
In addition to Studio, we have a product called 99designs Select, which is also available to help you to expand your production design capacity. With 99designs Select, we will find and train a group of designers on your brand, so you can deliver your ongoing brand assets efficiently, quickly, and to a high standard.
Our pricing is really simple and transparent. A standard Studio project is US$4,999 and that package fits most of our clients’ needs.
Simply book a time to talk with us and we’ll run a free consultation to discuss your design needs. We look forward to talking with you!
From our first call to the final results, we can deliver your creative solution in as little as 2 weeks depending on the complexity of your task and the stakeholders that shall be involved in the decision making process.
99designs Studio projects are only visible to the participating designers and the 99designs Studio team. The designers have to sign an NDA before getting access to the briefing and the working materials.
All costs included! From the platform fee, to the payment of the designers to the hours of the Creative Director to manage the project. Should you have more extensive needs, you can easily book additional hours of Creative Direction per hour, or if you want the copyrights of more than one design - no problem!
Our team of curation experts can pick the right talent, based on style, skill and interest for each and every project. With many designers having more than 10 years’ experience on 99designs, and having participated in many contests and projects, we can provide the right expertise every time.


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