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"Nikita and Ksusha understood the brief really well, challenged themselves by working in new ways and put together a really fun design. They gave a really clear timeline for the project and were really easy to communicate with."
プロフィール写真arian.bozorg 評価済み 2年弱前
"Very good collaboration ! "
プロフィール写真alexis.beas 評価済み 2年以上前
"I am very pleased to work with Nikita and Ksusha for designing a logo and business card. They captured the concept of business, did a lot of researches and created a very meaningful yet unique designs. The iguana logo means a lot to me and those who sup..."
プロフィール写真arisa.kimura 評価済み 2年以上前
"Nikita and Ksusha have a really good sense of making humorous and attractive designs tailored to your needs. I am so glad that they found me on the contest. They are very professional and friendly and I enjoyed working with them. I hope to work with the..."
プロフィール写真arisa.kimura 評価済み 2年以上前
"Always a 5 star experience. From first working with Nikita to now"
プロフィール写真Dylansaad 評価済み 4年弱前
"Top of the line, Creative, efficient, and worth every penny + some. Easily my first choice for design work!"
プロフィール写真Dylansaad 評価済み 約4年前
"Nikita has been top of the line. "
プロフィール写真Dylansaad 評価済み 約4年前
"Worked really well to come up with a full concept, and went above and beyond to design examples of branding to link with what I was looking for. Is versatile in his craft and creative in his designs, following the brief and designing top notch designs. "
プロフィール写真Dylansaad 評価済み 約4年前
"Wonderful designer and very responsive!"
匿名クライアント 評価済み 5年弱前
"Kitasavi is great! Very talented and made sure I had everything I needed. Thank you so much!"
プロフィール写真jkingacu 評価済み 5年弱前